Developers Can Count on Maddox for Accurate Market Pricing

Whether you are a seasoned real estate developer or new to the game, a crucial step in planning your development project is market pricing. While other considerations like location and local demographics are important, determining accurate market pricing can be the difference between making a nice profit or taking a loss. Therefore, when planning your development project, it is crucial to partner with an experienced contractor you can trust.

At Maddox Construction, we work with you to provide accurate and feasible building estimates and timeframes for commercial and residential construction, for both new construction or existing structures. In just a few short weeks, we gather all the specs and information you need—from labor and material costs to city requirements and project timelines—to make smart decisions from the start. We know that time is money at the beginning stage of development, so we make your estimation project our priority.

Once you have our estimate and decide to move forward with construction, we will manage the project from start to finish, delivering the exact product you envision and expect. It is our mission to provide top-quality construction on time and on budget. We won’t settle for anything less.

And once construction is complete, we don’t disappear. We stand behind our work and honor our warranties (we typically offer a one-year warranty). We don’t anticipate any issues after construction but will be there to remediate any problems if and when they do arise. We’ll never leave you “holding the bag” so to speak.

So when you are planning your next development project, let us show you why we have a reputation for exceeding expectations with quality work, dedication, and open, honest communication. When you bring your project to Maddox, your success is our priority.