Heber Main Street Park

Heber Main Street Park

Location: Heber City, UT
Duration: ~4 months
Project Cost: $3,000,000.00

This project involves utility work and building a bandshell at the 3.5 acre park located in center Heber City. We are coordinating with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to close Route 200 South near the park while we rip out the current utility lines and install new ones. We are removing the topsoil and bringing in approved road base and bedding sand for all the utilities. Once the new utility lines are in, we will tie them into the mains on Main Street. 

We will also build a new outdoor theater/bandshell.

Unique Problem Solved

There are tight deadlines in the project, as the bandshell needs to be completed and ready for performances by September 1st and the road needs to be finished by the end of September. In addition, the park holds events every Thursday evening, so we need to end work early on Thursdays and make sure there is nothing that will disturb the ongoing event schedule.