Historic Building Restorations and Renovations: Preserving the Past, Building the Future

Historic Building Restorations and Renovations

When you want, or need to bring a historic building back to life while preserving its unique history, turn to Maddox Construction for all your restoration and renovation needs.

We understand the unique challenges historic buildings present. But we also understand that many old buildings have a lot to offer and can add value to your business.

We are experienced at both restoring and renovating historic buildings to preserve the past while building the future. We will work with you to determine the best course of action to keep the original aesthetic of the building while giving it a new purpose, customizing it to your business needs. 

From structural updates to asbestos removal to restoring original materials (like wood, brick and stone), refinishing, and renovating to meet The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance standards, our in-house team has the expertise to revamp a historic building to meet your needs.

We pay close attention to detail to maintain the historic integrity of our projects, while ensuring that the building meets your modern needs.

Understanding the Differences Between Restoration and Renovation

Bringing a historic building back to life often includes both restoration and renovation of the property. To make the best decisions for your project, you need to understand the differences between the two.


Restoration involves renewing a historic structure to preserve its original beauty using original materials and construction methods. This can range from structural reinforcement to ensure the viability and safety of the building to repairing original materials (wood, brick, stone) or restoring original materials that have been altered to restoring the unique look and feel of the interior and exterior of the building with historically accurate windows, paint, and adornments.


Renovating a historic building involves modernizing it to make it suitable for contemporary use. This is where we customize the building to meet the specific needs of your business. Updating can include things such as installing new wiring for modern technologies, replacing the HVAC system for energy efficiency, and making other alterations to comply with building codes and accessibility requirements.

Unique Challenges

The restoration and renovation of historic buildings bring about many unique challenges for planning and construction teams. At Maddox, we have the experience and empirical knowledge to help you overcome the following challenges and other that may arise during your project:

Permits and Approvals

Before you get started you have to first clear the hurdles of obtaining permits and approvals. Getting the go-ahead from local historic preservation societies is often a long, painstaking journey that can slow down or delay your project.

Maintaining Historical Accuracy

Project timelines for historical projects are often longer than typical renovation timelines due to the need to research the building’s history and customize renovation plans that will ensure the building’s historical integrity will be maintained.

Materials Procurement

Project timelines can also be impacted by the need to procure original materials. Or, if original materials are no longer available, additional time is needed to restore damaged materials to their original glory.

Hidden Issues

As buildings age, they experience many common problems that need to be corrected during construction. Things like structural damage, decay, leaks, pests, cracks, electrical issues, poor ventilation, non-compliance with current codes/code violations, excess moisture, etc. need to be remediated when bringing old buildings back to life.

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