Design-Build: Single-Source Management of New Construction Projects


Maddox is your experienced design-build general contractor in Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Texas. We have the experience and personnel to manage the entire lifecycle of your new construction projects, saving you time and ultimately, money.

Why Design-Build?

Design-build is the fastest growing and most popular method used to deliver new construction projects across the United States. This approach to project delivery is based on open communication between you (the owner/developer), your designer, your contractor, and all the trades and subcontractors involved in the project. Collaboration and teamwork between all these entities saves time and money while producing innovation, collaboration, and better-quality projects. 

While typical project delivery for new construction involves awarding separate contracts for design and construction, the design-build approach puts the project in your contractor’s hands. Your contractor is responsible for meeting the contract requirements.

When you hire Maddox as your design-build contractor, you’ll need to manage only one contract (with us) and we’ll shoulder the responsibility and risk of the project. Maddox is your one point of contact from initial design to opening—the single point of responsibility for all work to turn your raw land into usable development space. From pre-construction tasks and project phasing to infrastructure work (sewer, water, gas) to roads, curbs, and gutters to erecting your residential or commercial structures, our turnkey service helps to reduce errors, speed project delivery, and keep costs as low as possible.

We manage project teams, costs, schedules, quality, and safety and take on the responsibility and risk associated with bringing the project in on time and on budget—removing the burden and risk from you. 

You tell us what you want, and we’ll turn your land into the subdivision, multifamily structure, or commercial space that you envision.

The Benefits of Design-Build

When we manage all phases of your project, we can eliminate the typical rework caused by constructability issues in design plans that lead to costly change orders. We’ll collaborate with your designer right from the start to ensure that the design is both functional and constructable to meet your needs. 



While coordination between designers and contractors can be cumbersome and lead to logistical challenges, time delays, and higher costs, the collaborative team approach that is the cornerstone of the design-build method allows us to identify challenges and opportunities before the construction phase of the project begins, saving the time—and hassle—of costly rework. Collaboration often translates into earlier occupancy and substantial cost savings for you.

Typical benefits of the design-build approach include:

Minimized Owner Risk

A single agreement between the owner and the design-builder

Cost Efficiency

Parties agree on a set budget before the project begins so all parties are held accountable to stay on budget

Faster Projects

Open communication and pre-planning produces faster project completion

Higher Quality Output

Collaboration leads to innovation

You’re in Control

Choosing design-build with Maddox Construction gives you single-source management and a single point of responsibility, putting you in control. Having only one contact, rather than having to manage your designer and your contractor, makes it easier for you to communicate your wants, voice your concerns, and adjust when needed.

The Key to Design-Build Success: The Right Contractor

The Design-Build approach is only as good as the contractor you hire for the project. Choosing an experienced Design-Build contractor like Maddox—one who has the personnel and proven expertise to take a project from start to finish—will set you up for success.

We are specialists in Design-Build Construction with more than 20 years of construction and design expertise. We have a team of experts skilled in the design-build approach and a proven track record of quality, reliability, and trustworthiness. We have earned our reputation as an experienced and reliable contractor that can manage your development project—big or small, simple or complex—from conception to completion.

Results that shine

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses commercial and residential general contracting for both new constructions and existing buildings.
Our expertise shines in consistently delivering exceptional results.

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