Working Superintendent

Superintendents are responsible for the daily operations from planning projects to overseeing their completion. Duties include scheduling work to proceed according to a strict timeline, conducting audits and checks to ensure that work corresponds with blueprints or client requests, and monitoring safety and compliance.

You should be able to set priorities and use time effectively, especially when challenges arise. You must be professional and communicate effectively with subcontractors and vendors. You should be familiar with the operation of construction tools and machinery and be able to physically lift up to 100 lbs. The job may include traveling to different work sites and working in various climate conditions.


⦁ Coordinate scheduling of subcontractors, consultants, inspectors and vendors to complete each project on time.
⦁ Verifies subcontractor completes the assigned scope of work.
⦁ Interface with clients in meetings and day to day.
⦁ Represents the company in a professional manner.
⦁ Monitor work and materials to ensure quality control standards are met at various stages of the project.
⦁ Communicate with the project team and support each subcontractor to execute his job duties effectively and efficiently.
⦁ Perform inspections or schedule inspectors to meet the varying safety and compliance regulations of each job location.
⦁ Maintain a written daily log of visitors, job actions performed, materials expended, and problems resolved on the job site daily.
⦁ Travel between multiple job sites and simultaneously manage work loads of individual projects.
⦁ Identify and resolve problems and conflicts, organizing meetings and cooperating with team members in various roles as necessary.
⦁ Set an example in keeping the job seat organized and clean, including meeting standards for waste disposal and environmental protection.
⦁ Seek to learn changes within the industry.
⦁ Work with your hands when needed to meet schedules and/or if we are short on labor.
⦁ Keeping up to date on Procore certifications so you are using the software effectively and correctly.


⦁ Basic knowledge of software programs, such as Master Builder, Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint
⦁ 2+ years of construction management experience
⦁ Ability to write reports and professional correspondence to vendors, government officials, and clients.
⦁ Good reading comprehension for technical documents, such as safety regulations, assembly and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals
⦁ Excellent verbal communications skills, especially when addressing customers, clients or official visitors to the website.
⦁ Keen eye to identify non-compliance with regulations or standards and ability to suggest solutions for deficiencies or problems.
⦁ Familiarity with the operation of office equipment, such as digital cameras, fax machines, computers, copiers, and telephones
⦁ Ability to stand for several hours at a time and to walk in varying climate conditions and on uneven ground.
⦁ Experience with managing demanding clients and offering creative solutions to meet commitments and requests.
⦁ Capacity to physically lift 100 lbs.
⦁ Thorough and attentive to details; extremely organized and able to prioritize and multitask.
⦁ Ability to read and understand work orders, budget, change orders, safety standards, plans specifications, shop drawings, blue prints, submittals, manufacturer’s literature, contract documents and specifications, and CPM schedules

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